Eco-Sense And It’s Innovation

Recently in IGS, we were fortunate enough to visit Eco-sense, a home that is actually managing to better the environment rather than degrade it. This home was built by a couple who hadn’t previously had any experience with drafting or design but with things such as business and experimental psychology for Gord and Biology for Ann however they used their previous skills and interests to create something amazing. This property was, until a few months ago, the greenest home dwelling on an international scale which clearly, is no small feat.

Everything on this property serves a purpose whether it be for the land, plants, people or other animals as everything taken from the land is returned to it in a form where it may be used as a resource. For example, while human waste in it’s concentrated form is toxic when combined with sawdust then composted over the course of two years, turns into manure. Then this manure will provide food for plants which then will feed people and other animals. This circular cycle is one of many that demonstrates Ann and Gord’s philosophy of waste=food that closely relates our lifestyle with the one of nature. This philosophy helps reduce negative impacts on our planet and instead allows them to take advantage of resources previously viewed as waste. Thus making things such as the soil more nutrient dense among endless other things. The overall goal of Ann and Gord is to “live a reasonable life where [their] home is an extension of nature; where the systems incorporate bio-mimicry for both function and beauty.” This is an amazing goal to achieve but they’ve not only managed it but excelled at it with what must have been an incredible amount of hard work and dedication on their parts.
The ideas that this household is able to inspire within us all is truly astounding, pushing us to better our lifestyles for the future. Perhaps our efforts will not be as drastic but will be beneficial all the same. Ann and Gord have already demonstrated the possibilities that our future could hold if we put in the effort by showing how this lifestyle is possible and people are doing it right here in Victoria. Now is the time we must ask ourselves the most important question for the future; what next?

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